Jade Design 玉見設計




設計總監:Ozzie SU 蘇仰志
策劃執行|奧茲設計展策 Ozzie Curating Design
視覺設計|莊騰翔 Teng Hsiang Chuang
空間設計|龔羿帆 Yi Fan GOng




Designing is a familiar term to us. From the personal designing of hair styles to shoes, hats and costumes, from home living to environmental spacing, the concept of designing is pervasive. However, the concept of designing is not new. It probably existed throughout our human history. The ancients might not have the word “designing" in their lexicon but they did it in a practical and pragmatic way to solve their daily necessities; to use the then available materials and skill to produce utensils and vessels appropriate for their daily use.
Ancient living was also full of designing concepts, some of which had not diminished in the flow of historical time and still well preserved and hold its value until now. With detailed modern analysis, it is not difficult to grasp and appreciate the art of designing from the ancients. Our current exhibition utilize the ancient jades, through the four concepts of “working according to the nature of materials"; “image rendering from different viewing angles"; “assembling and arrangement of design layouts"; and “one subject matter with multi-representations"; to elaborate and expound the jade making and designing concepts of the ancients. We welcome you to come with us to explore the world of jade and visit the jade making and designing wisdom and ingenuity of the ancients a few thousand years ago.