TRANS Conf. 2019


YongLin Health Foundation


設計總監:Ozzie SU 蘇仰志
策劃執行|奧茲設計展策 Ozzie Curating Design
視覺設計|莊騰翔 Teng Hsiang Chuang
空間設計|龔羿帆 Yi Fan Gong
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Water is the building block to every living organism. The ocean was formed 3.5 billion years ago from endless heavy rain. Water created diverse ecosystems around the globe. Organisms evolved from the deep sea which eventually reached land. Rivers flowed through land, cultivating earth in which helped to establish civilizations along the side.

Water is tolerant. Similar to how an embryo is gently wrapped by water, TRANS 2019 embraces all the bold and novel ideas. It is a forum where startups, investors, and medical practitioners gather together like a drainage basin in which where they can all flow together and lead the world to a new era.

Water is strong. It is capable of carrying tens of millions tons of ships sail on the water and surge in raging waves. TRANS 2019, an unique biomedical entrepreneurship conference, serves as a strong innovative wave, resources and unique insights, in which it may carry and guide the participating members and teams to a greater distance.

Water is soft. It flows through deep valleys, smoothing the edges and corners. It is the starting point for all the care of human beings. Even if it is still far away, it is to make the world a better place without losing any of its gentleness. TRANS pays tribute to all entrepreneurs.

TRANS Conference 2019, "Strong but Gentle," invites you to participate in this strong, but gentle revolution.


水是包容的。就像胚胎被水輕輕包裹一樣,TRANS 2019擁抱所有大膽新穎的想法。這是一個論壇,創業者、投資人、醫療從業者聚集在一起,就像一個排水盆,大家可以在其中共同流淌,引領世界進入一個新時代。

水是強大的。它能夠承載千萬噸級的船隻在水上航行,在洶湧的波浪中湧動。 TRANS 2019,一場別開生面的生物醫藥創業大會,就像一股強大的創新浪潮,資源和獨特的見解,在其中可能承載和引導參會成員和團隊走向更遠的地方。

水是柔軟的。它流過深谷,撫平邊緣和角落。它是人類一切關懷的起點。即使它還在遠方,也要讓世界變得更美好,不失溫柔。 TRANS向所有的企業家致敬。