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專業、職人、一條通 : ZA SHARE Youth 雜學青 2019

Skills for U

D01 Skills for U

#培育 #地方創生 #用技能與社會對話
社會聲音多半用「賺多少錢」定義技職,但我們相信學技能的人,價值在於回饋社會,是承載社會永續(SDGs)的重要媒介。Skills for U理念為「用技能與社會對話」,攜手各領域技職好手,透過各種技能行動,讓社會看見技能價值。
Through different kinds of skills performances and actions, Skills for U expects to reach out SDGs and inspire people with skills value.

Taiwan Ale Brewery

D02 台灣艾爾啤酒

#飲食 #釀無限可能
Taiwan Ale Brewery, the most professional craft brewery in Taiwan, aims to use local ingredients to make the best craft beer of the world. With the state-of-the-art brewing infrastructure and a professional brewing team, it is our mission to explore the finest combinations of Taiwan elements in craft ale brewing.

Eball Foundation

D03 財團法人超越文創教育基金會

#藝術 #平台 #培育 #超越
Eball Foundation is committed to Taiwan’s education reform.
We believe that mature citizens are the power to make society forward, we also
believe that everyone is unique and individual. Everyone should surpass himself and become better one.
In 2012, We start “Super Expert” project. We invite the people who have achievement in every business area. We expect by offering a creative and interesting education model can make young people understand the world, the society and themselves more, so they can find the most suitable position they belong.


D04 阿克騰創意設計

#藝術 #原創角色
ACHTUNG 是德文「注意」的意思。
希望我們的每個設計都能讓人驚豔而不只是平淡的被注目,盡情地享受創作的過程,努力工作,努力玩是我們的核心精神,Brainstorm Anytime !!
ACHTUNG is the meaning of “”attention”” in German.
I hope that each of our designs will be amazing, not just plain attention.Enjoy the creative process, work hard, and play hard is our core spirit.Brainstorm Anytime !!


D05 財經M平方

#徵才 #平台 #閱讀 #投資
Many people want to invest in global markets but are clueless what to invest and when to enter the market. MacroMicro helps investors to find out the valuable clues told by economic indicators and make them easy to read.
MacroMicro is committed to consolidate and digest global economic data, for the purpose of uncovering the hidden clues on the economy’s health and discerning where it is likely heading in the economic cycle. We believe that no investment decision should?be taken without performing fundamental?analysis.
MacroMicro is changing the way people invest by providing sophisticated fundamental analysis as well as empowering investors to have more control over their investment decisions.

A Sentiment

D06 一派風流

#藝術 #鮮明東方
It consists of Nan Xinyuan and Tsai Ming-Tsan, who are classmates in
the university . They are two people who like to brush . The goal of the NANNAN-TSANTSAN CLUB is to promote the delicate art of the east to. the public.

Wenhengju Design Co.

D07 玉川設計所

#藝術 #徵才 #培育 #字體
玉川設計所成立於 2013 年,以字體出發,探索設計與藝術的火花。
Wenhengju Design Co. was establish in 2013, starting from typography and searching for sparks between design and arts. WDC services includes type design, graphic design and brand identity. Traditional Chinese font “Wind Font” is one of WDC representative works.

Biba salon Taiwan

D08 Biba salon Taiwan

#藝術 #培育 #髮技
哈囉我們是biba salon Taiwan,台灣主理人Jimmy Chou 學習於澳洲墨爾本BIBA 美髮學院,並在其頂尖的BIBA沙龍擔任資深髮型造型師。2013年在台設立個人風格沙龍,希望能將BIBA剪髮技術與觀念完整的帶回台灣。如今帶領著團隊,成員來自不同的地方,但相同的是我們都熱愛我們的工作及享受著生活?,在biba學的不只是技術,更是倡導,完善自己,成就未來的生活態度。
Hi everyone, we are Biba salon Taiwan team.?The director Jimmy Chou studied at BIBA Academy Melbourne, Australia.?Established a personal style salon in 2013, hoping to bring BIBA hair cutting technology and concepts back to Taiwan. Biba salon Taiwan where the friendly people behind it offer great customer service. we share a amazing haircut experience and how to treat work not just as a job but a way of life.We work hard, play hard and have good teamwork, we will create a beautiful future for hairdressing in Taiwan.