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特展 : ZA SHARE Youth 雜學青 2019


肅靜,化石,正統菜 Silence, Fossil, Orthodox Dish




Come inside to escape!

This is an interactive exhibition which may remind you of some pain in life.
If we can’t identify and reflect on our limitations, we won’t be able to understand the beauty of freedom and further pursue the goal of making our dreams come true.
Compared to “Noise, Sanga, Mixed Noodles” which encourages people to express themselves freely, “Silence, Fossil, Orthodox Dish” is the total opposite. Here, we hope you can recall and experience the order and rule you were expected to follow without any objection, the stiff and inorganic exam contents, and life plans which were taught like orthodox dishes with only one possible conclusion.
These are neither abstract nor metaphorical, but real feelings that we’ve all experienced in our past.
From listening passively inside the womb to discovering talents and playing games in our childhood—how many twisted expectations did parents put on us? We fall into the trap of entering a good school or university without any alternative. Countless test papers quickly suffocate your dreams in the teenage years. Eventually, we think we’ve entered the big wide world, but it turns out career indoctrination restricts the imagination. After graduating, what is waiting for us is either employment or being jobless. Neither are good choices. Fake values attached to success produce real failure.
The world is so big, yet we live so small, continuing to take instruction without question, under a social hypnosis.
While freedom can be achieved by a simple change in attitude, we’re still avoiding it at all costs.
We invite you to come to this exhibition with the goal of helping all the ZA SHARE youths escape from the cage and break free from their shackles.