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文化、實踐、棲息地 : ZA SHARE Youth 雜學青 2019

P.D. Loop Thinking

A01 思創探索趣

#平台 #培育 #地方創生 #設計思考
P.D. Loop Thinking adopts ‘a flying book’ as our branding logo, which symbolizes a departure from Tamkang University. We based it on the belief in “staying playful; using design thinking”. We then explored the land in which we live, designed real-life puzzles, promoted the “Tam-style Exploration Packages”, and proposed active dialogues with social issues. We invite you to become the players to experience this new way, not only for visiting Tamsui, but also for maintaining relationships by using teamwork.

Mango Game

A02 芒果遊戲

#偏鄉 #飲食 #地方創生 #遊戲
Mango Game is the first team in Taiwan to combine “Alternate reality game” with “local culture” and “exploration experience.” Based on the real environment and human history, in addition to imagination and field exploration, we create various of games that shuttle through virtual and reality, try our best to make these games both educating and entertaining.

O-Bank × All For Good

A03 王道銀行 × 共好行動

#平台 #你消費我捐款
王道銀行前身為台灣工業銀行,在2017 年1 月改制為商業銀行,正式跨足個人金融領域,以台灣第一家原生數位銀行之姿,致力為金融消費者提供創新、方便且安全的數位金融服務,並秉持著利他圓己的企業精神,與世人共好。
O-Bank’s predecessor was the Industrial Bank of Taiwan, restructuring into a commercial bank in January 2017. O-Bank has officially entered the personal finance market as the -first digital native bank in Taiwan, working to provide consumers with innovative, convenient, and safe -financial services. O-Bank holds its philosophy “fulfilling oneself by benefiting others” to seek win-win solutions for all stakeholders and use business as a force for good.

Impact Hub Taipei

A04 社會影響力製造所

#平台 #培育 #地方創生 #永續發展 #社會創新
Impact Hub Taipei是華語圈第一個Impact Hub,同時也是台灣第一個獲得B型企業認證的影響力孵化器。我們以「聯合國永續發展目標」為主軸,期待在國際資源的鏈結下,成為亞洲的社創中心。
Impact Hub Taipei makes sustainable impact locally, and is a community composed of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and impact makers. It is a well-developed ecosystem of social innovation and internationalization; that contributes significantly to sustainability and SDGs. Proud to be 1st B Corp certified coworking space and impact incubator in Taiwan.

Life art

A05 時間與空間的雜合藝術

#藝術 #平台 #閱讀 #Share your love
My English is not good, but I can tell you when you want to do something, just believe everything that happens is the best arrangement.It is more important than anything else.
I have a real experience.share with you.

Frame Removing Workshop

A06 拆框工作坊

#平台 #誠實面對
Frame Removing Workshop is a society which focusing on homeschooling and open relationship. Connecting, cooperating, helping and empowering members to practice the true life.The experienced persons will assist and support the fresh persons from the workshop to seek the real freedom, The persons have something in common also helping each other to pursuit finding the limited then discover the new frames by themselves.


A07 雙影創藝有限公司

#藝術 #平台 #培育 #創作媒合
pinpinbox 是創作?的好夥伴,讓你展現?己的平台,有機會獲得充份資源。營造新世代友善的創作?生態。在這裡,可以透過整合輕鬆打造作品集!也可以發起創作夢想計畫!
Pinpinbox is a creator’s best friend. It’s the place to express yourself, and there you get the chance to receive resources, bringing about a new age of a friendly environment for artists and creators alike.


A08 採集_人_共作室

#偏鄉 #培育 #地方創生 #山水人一
Collectors Co-Space is an upcycled old house surrounded by rivers, mountains, field and forest in Pinglin. In order to create a sustainable living style in the local, we collect people from various walks of life to interact with locals, such as collecting natural/cultural knowledge from locals and sharing theirs skills to locals. Welcome to the Collectors, we are willing to share!